Time for Pisces!

Pisces in the house!!! Can JennaBenna & Co. get high-fives from all the Pisces people out there? We know some people follow their horoscopes closely and others think it’s too confusing to consider-which are you? According to the plethora of information that is the internet, we discovered there’s more to someone’s horoscope than just what month you were born. Supposedly, a person should also pay attention to their sun sign, planet, house, and elements & qualities. Also, there are apparently special attributes to those born very close to the dates when one zodiac sign changes to another, otherwise known as cusp dates. This is all new to us!

All this insight is based on the belief called astrology which places great importance on the correlation between celestial observations (those of the stars!) and events that take place on earth. The first organized systems of astrology date back to the 2nd millennium BC and possibly earlier, but it really depends on who you ask. There is evidence to prove that a many difference ancient cultures had developed and implemented similar calendar like systems to help predict how seasons change and cycles occurred in life. Human nature always seems to want to put order to what is being observed-it’s all very impressive if you think about it!

Since none of us are living in any ancient societies, the best anyone can do if they want to understand more about their personal astrology or zodiac or horoscope is to use their favorite web browser and do some research. While you are searching, make sure to look at JennaBenna’s special exclusive collection of astrology fabrics for your next set of letters! Even if you aren’t a Pisces, there’s something for you 😊

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