Happy President’s Day Weekend!

So, did you know that President’s Day originated as a celebration of our nation’s first president, George Washington? I guess I kind of knew that, but never really thought that hard about it… I mean, I always asked myself “Do we get President’s Day off from school?”, but never anything more. Who can relate?! As I’ve gotten older over the years, I find myself asking more questions about the things I’ve always done but never learned much about.

Well, it turns out that George Washington’s birthday is in February, and, when our country was just getting started, we really wanted to honor him in his birth month. He was such an instrumental part of what made America…America! (Has ANYONE seen a popular Broadway musical highlighting some famous historical figures from that era?) Fast forward about 160 years and there was another super important American president we wanted to honor nationwide whose birthday was also in February: Abraham Lincoln. So, from this point on, the US had another three-day holiday weekend to celebrate.

This President’s Day, let’s not forget those people from our nation’s past that helped build our country to what it is today. Things are far from perfect, that we know to be true, but we can always hope for good leaders who aren’t afraid to make change! If you want to sport some American style this year, stop by jennabenna.com to check out some of our patriotic fabrics, perfect combos, and tees! Don’t forget to add a patriotic themed embroidery design to your tee or sweatshirt for the finishing touch. All links are below for your shopping pleasure 😊

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