Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you might be thinking, “I can’t wait to spend time with my sweetie!”, or maybe “It’s V-day already? Guess I better make plans…”, or even “Ugh, can this day just hurry up and be over?”. If you are anything like me, you might also wonder, “What does the average consumer spend on chocolate in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day?!” Whatever that amount is, the result is that there are people all over the place eating chocolate; and THAT, my friends, is a good thing!

Regardless of who you spend Valentine’s Day with or where you choose to spend it, remember to LOVE YOURSELF 😊 Go ahead and have that extra piece of cake, set aside some time to dive into that new book you’ve been wanting to read, take a day to unplug from social media, or even take a weekend trip with your besties just because you are alive and have air to breathe!

Maybe you want to treat yourself to a new set of letters and you can bet JennaBenna & Co. is more than happy to oblige. You can check out our Valentine’s Day themed Perfect Combo or even some of our red and pink colored fabrics to get your perfect set of letters. Don’t forget to explore our https://www.jennabenna.com/logos-and-designs/rority spirit. Last, but certainly not least, consider adding some embroidered symbols to your letters to add that finishing special touch to make sure everyone knows just what you love. Don’t forget to love yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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