Halloween Costume Ideas To Nail Your #SquadGhouls

Halloween is only twenty-two days away!!! How are you and your sisters going to pull off your #squadghouls?! Well in case you have no clue what you are doing yet, we put together some awesome costume ideas for your squad to pull off this Halloween that are not to difficult to put together or so expensive that you will have to eat ramen noodles everyday until Thanksgiving! The most important part is that you go out with your best girl friends, get adorable Instagram pictures, and have a fun and safe time!

AS IF…. Who said the 90’s are over?! We absolutely love the idea of going back in time to all things 90’s themed! Here are some ideas for The Spice Girls, Saved By The Bell, & Clueless! Pull out your [not so 90’s brick-like] cell phone and head over to our Pinterest page for even more ideas that will ‘Spice Up Your’ night!

Other fun group themed ideas are things you can throw a tutu on and be a matching set of something! Adorable ideas that go together are things like, Social Media Icons, The Seven Dwarfs, or even girly Super Heroes! Here are some adorable images from our Pinterest Page that will nail your squad Goals…. I mean squad ghouls!

These are only just a few ideas that we found that we thought were just too cute to not share! No matter what you and your bestest choose to be this halloween you will be absolutely adorable! Just remember to have fun, and be safe where ever you go! Help our readers out too, by commenting below if you have any ideas you have seen done before or have done yourself! We love to get ideas from you guys!!!



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