Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

There is definitely a reason to celebrate this Thursday! It is National Pepperoni Pizza day! Now, one might automatically assume pizza is associated with Italian foot, but the pepperoni pizza is purely an American luxury! Over one third of pizza ordered in the United State comes with pepperoni so it is safe to say that it is the United States favorite topping! Interestingly enough, in a survey only one in fifty people surveyed hated pepperoni on their pizza. Surely there is nothing else in the world that a whopping 98% of people agree on!

Here at JennaBenna & Co, it is our favorite too! We also have an adorable fabric called Pizza Party that comes with the ever so loved pepperoni toppings along with green onions, mushrooms, & black olives! It pairs perfectly on this Scoopneck ladies fit tee with White Twill and that is why it has been deemed one of our amazing perfect combos! All you have to do is select your size, and letters and we will have it made just for you in no time!

Pizza Party Perfect Combo | JennaBenna & Co

So, here is the scoop on how to get yours! For the next 24 hours, get 20% off our adorable Pizza Party Perfect Combo! Just use coupon code: “PEPPERONI” at checkout and the discount will be removed! It will only be valid for the next 24 hours so hurry and get your order in before Friday evening on 09/21!






Have a wonderful Thursday!



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