Combo of the Week: Batik Tropical Water V-Neck!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the day where we change the Combo of the week, and this one is gorgeous so get ready! This week our featured combo is Batik Tropical Water V-Neck Tee as seen below.

Batik Tropical Water V-Neck | JennaBenna

This perfect combo is normally $31.45, but starting today through next Friday, 09/21/18, you can get this combo for only $29! The best part is, you don’t even need a coupon code, just customize and add to cart. What a steal!!!



If you are unfamiliar with Batik fabrics they are made with a special “resist” process. That simply means that an artist uses wax or
a substance to block the dye from dying the fabric. This in turn leaves blank areas in the dyed fabric, almost like a tie dye effect. You get incredible results in the fabric because it is so unique. The fabric in this combo features gorgeous hues of blues & teals that are almost like a zebra stripe or water ripple effect.Not only is the fabric beautiful, it comes with Metallic Silver Twill that just makes it pop off the Navy Blue shirt it comes on.

Now the shirt that this fabric + twill combo comes on is one of our most popular V-Necks. If you don’t care for a unisex fitting shirt that can sometimes feel oversized and baggy but also don’t wan’t a tight doll sized ladies fitted shirt, then you will adore this perfect marriage of the two shirts!! It has the perfect relaxed ladies fit, meaning that it is not going to hug your curves but it will also show some shape which is a huge plus! It also comes in ladies fit sizing Small up to XX-Large making it very versatile!

Have a wonderful weekend, and to our friends up and down the East Coast, we continue to keep you in our thoughts & prayers! Hurricanes are something we know all too well about down here in Florida!




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