Crest, Symbols, & Monograms, Oh My!

Crests, Symbols, Monograms, Text, you name it… we have it! JennaBenna & Co has spent the summer revamping all of the different embroidery options you can add to your Sorority letters to make them even more custom! We tried to simplify the ordering process of the embroidery since there are so many options to choose from! You will now find there are three sections: Sorority Crests & Logos, Framed Monogram, and Symbols, Logos & Designs. There is also an “Embroidery Ideas” section to help you with your decision process!

When it comes to Sorority Crests & Logos, JennaBenna & Co cannot be matched! We have a growing list of 25 Sorority Crests & 25 Sorority Logos. The best part is, if you don’t see your Sorority’s logo or crest in the menu, just email us and we can digitize it just for you! The sorority crests are a GREAT way to dress your letters up and make them all the more special. They are perfect to do on the Upper arm of the left or right sleeve and have you family name or chapter name embroidered on the opposite side.






Ok, I will be the first to say it… our Framed Monograms are off the charts beautiful! There are over 30 unique frames you can choose to wrap around your Sorority letters or personal monogram! You will find frames that have symbols like anchors, arrows, flowers, bows, animals, fruits, and even more! To the left is a little preview of some framed monograms that you will find!





Looking for something to subtly show off your family symbol or school mascot? Under the Symbols, Logos & Designs section we have tons different images to choose from! There are animals, floral, big & little, occupation, patriotic, religious, state/country, & Sorority symbols! Maybe you are Pre-Med or Pre-Law and you wanted to add some scales or a caucuses to your Sorority letters shirt… we can do it! The best part of adding a special embroidered symbol to your letters is that you turn an ordinary set of letters into a keepsake & heirloom you will keep forever.

As you can see we have REALLY amped up our embroidery department to help you make your letters all the more special just for you! Here are some photos of embroidery that has been done on previous orders:

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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