Strike! It’s National Bowling Day!

Happy National Bowling Day! Bowling has a VERY long history as a sport… and even gambling! The game of throwing an object to knock over other objects has been noted in ancient civilizations around the world. However, it is Germany that is responsible for being the leader in the most common and modern way you bowl today. Interestingly enough the game had a little bit of a religious meaning behind it back when it was first invented. It was believed that when the object was knocked down the player’s sins would be forgiven! Crazy, huh!?

In the 1800s the sport took on more of a monetary gain when gambling became all the rage. Connecticut actually ended up banning ninepin bowling alleys. But gamblers were clever enough to find a loop hole by adding one pin to the line-up so they were not playing “ninepin” bowling, and it worked! Almost 150 years later in 1988, the Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea featured bowling as a demonstration sport, but sadly it never returned after that. It definite came a long way from being a banned gambling sport all the way to the world wide sports arena.

One of the best features of National Bowling Day are the offers you can find today! A lot of places are offering things like one free game, to free bowling all day including free shoe rentals! You just have to check around your area and plan you Saturday accordingly as it will probably be packed!! Here at JennaBenna & Co we have our own deal that we think is a strike! For the next 24-hours only, you can get discount on your entire order with coupon code: “STRIKE”! Being that we are all heading back to school right around the corner, it is the perfect time to give your wardrobe a little sprucing up! Just remember it won’t last very long, so hurry & get your orders in!

Have a wonderful day bowling your heart away!




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