Fun Ways To Enjoy National Sisterhood & Friendship Day!

Happy National Sisterhood & Friendship Day!

What a HUGE day to celebrate your sisterhood & friendship that you share! Most of you are back at school now or are heading back in the next few weeks and you must be more than ever ready to be back with your sisters! Recruitment and Bid Day are around the corner where you get TONS of new amazing members that you get to call sisters and how amazing is that!? Well, before your family grows, now is the perfect time to spend with your sisters today and do something that is fun and full of bonding memories!

Here are some fun ways for you to spend the day with your sisters:

Design a new set of JennaBenna & Co letters for each other. Enjoy 10% off ALL Perfect Combos today only when you use coupon code: “SISTERS” at checkout! I mean, it’s a win-win, you get to spend time with your sisters & you get some adorable new letters for the Fall at a discount!

Get your squad together and go bowling. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ game of bowling?! If you already have plans today, then plan a sisterhood date with your friends for Saturday because it it National Bowling Day and there will be deals like free bowling games across the US at major bowling alleys!

Get your crafting on like you are Martha Stewart & Joanna Gaines. Recruitment is right around the corner so getting your hands dirty and knocking out all those crafts you need for Philanthropy Night and Pref Night are the perfect way to spend the day laughing & bonding. Plus it’s free!!

Plan a “Cooking School Theme Dinner”. Assign pairs (or groups) of sisters to tackle each part of the meal and have fun cooking, making a mess, and taking one too many “taste tests” while having a ball with your sisters. Everyone gets to enjoy a delicious meal and who knows… maybe a Netflix movie after would be a great way to cap the night!

No matter how you spend your day, just be sure to let your sisters & friends know you love them and that you are their #1 support! Have a wonderful day of friendship & sisterhood!




The adorable featured image is courtesy of @allithrasher and her sisters who are members of Alpha Omicron Pi at University of Tennessee at Martin!

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