I’ll Be There For Youuuuu! Happy National Girlfriends Day!

Can you believe it is already August! Being that everyone is starting to head back to school, today is the perfect day to round up your girlfriends and celebrate the bond & friendship you share for #NationalGirlfriendsDay! Friendship & Sisterhood are some of the most special connections we have in life and it is important that we foster & nurture those relationships!

Some fun things you can do with your besties that won’t break the bank, but will bring the ultimate bonding!

  • Have a Potluck Dinner – Everyone can bring a dish to share and you can pop in your favorite chick flick and laugh the night away!
  • Host a Spa Day – Everyone can paint each other’s nails, make all-natural face masks, etc.
  • Volunteer Together – Now this might not be the most fun thing off the bat, but the reward in the end will be the best feeling ever, and sharing that with your best friends will only make that feeling stronger!
  • Host a Board Game Night – Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, or even Clue… pick something everyone can get in on the fun! Its a great way to interact and bond even more.
  • Plan a Scavenger Hunt – This could be fun if you made it specific to your Sorority and planned a night of going to places that are special for your organization. All your girlfriends can join in on the fun of this as they can team up!

Today, let your gal pals know just how much they mean to you and how special they are in your life. Even if you don’t have time to plan an elaborate celebration of friendship with your friends it is important to just let them know that you hold them dear to your heart today!!




The adorable feature photo is courtesy of the lovely @isa_b615 from @chapmantridelta! Be sure to check out their awesome Instagram accounts! 

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