Holy guacamole, it’s National Avocado Day!

Did you know that an avocado is literally one of the BEST things you can eat & it’s National Avocado Day?! Here are some interesting facts, health benefits, and even a recipe for some delicious avocado toast!

Avocados are actually classified as a fruit and they grow on trees… Hard to believe, right?! Around 90% of avocados grown in the US are from California. However, increased water costs in Southern California have caused them to be expensive to grow. Consumption of avocados has skyrocketed since it has become such a hip fruit! Hass Avocado Board claims that sales have soared to a record of nearly 1.9 billion pounds… that is around 4.25 billion avocados!!! Fun fact, to prevent your avocado from browning in the fridge, spray a little cooking spray on it (like Pam) wrap it in some tinfoil and boom… your avocado will stay pretty & green!


The health benefits of avocados are just an added bonus to this super fruit, because they taste SO good! Avocados are known to be packed with potassium, fiber, & protective antioxidants. Potassium lowers your blood pressure, fiber helps with weight loss/metabolic health, and the antioxidants are great for your eye health! Avocados also contains a high healthy fat content that is mostly oleic acid which helps reduce inflammation. You would assume that the high fat content would mean it would raise your cholesterol, but to the contrary, it actually lowers cholesterol, helping your heart stay healthy! Avocados are also GREAT for your skin! The high oleic acid content is a moisturizing fatty acid that helps to keep your skin soft & hydrated while reducing redness & irritation. Super fruit it is!

Avocado Toast | The Food Network

Ok, so now onto our favorite recipe of Avocado Toast from The Food Network. It is a simple recipe but sometimes simple is best! You can always add your own little spin to this healthy treat to make it as unique as you!


As you can see you can’t go wrong with eating (or applying to your skin) this gorgeous green creamy textured fruit. Have a wonderful Avocado Day!



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