Summer Travel Essentials & Tips!

It seems like everyone is traveling somewhere super exotic, tropical, foreign and exciting right now… and it has us SUPER jealous! We put together some travel essentials & tips to help make your next trip all the better!

Something often over-looked, but super important, is staying hydrated on a long flight! You should drink five times more water than you normally would drink. One way to help you drink more water is to get a reusable bottle like a Swell Bottle so you can get though security easily & its earth friendly!

Check out our Pinterest Board “Summer Travel Essentials: What To Pack!” to get some ideas & inspiration of things you may not have thought about!

Now you may be asking what are our favorite travel essentials here at JennaBenna & Co? Here is a list of our go-to items:

  • Eye Mask – you never know if the person next to you is going to require the light saber of a light above you to be on the whole flight. The eye mask, is the perfect way to never even notice it!
  • Hydrating Lotion – dry skin on a plane is THE worst. Being up in the air is so dehydrating and having a great hydrating lotion can make all the difference!
  • Good Headphones – when we say good headphones, we mean it. Almost every time you are a plane, the cabin noise is loud, a baby is crying, or someone next to you is snoring. Having good headphones can turn a bad flight into an enjoyable one in seconds. Trust us!
  • Snacks & Water – who wants to pay an arm & a leg for a bottle of water and snacks?! Packing your own snacks ensures you know you are getting something you like. Plus saving that $15 helps pay for your next set of JennaBenna & Co letters, haha!
  • Sweatshirt – nothing says cozy & comfy more than your favorite JennaBenna & Co sweatshirt when traveling! Plus, its super fun to run into sisters from other chapters when they see your letters!

If you are going somewhere exciting this summer, we want to know! Be sure to pack your favorite set of JennaBenna & Co letters and get an awesome pic throwing what you know in them and tag us @JennaBennaCo on instagram to get shared with our followers! We wish everyone happy & safe travels this summer wherever you may be going!!


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This adorable feature photo is courtesy of @ames_t106 who is alum of @aoii.nau.

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