Go Ahead…. Live A Little! It’s National Splurge Day!

Happy #NationalSplurgeDay!

Splurge: to indulge oneself in some luxury or pleasureWhat is it that you like to splurge on? Is it that ultimate beauty product that makes you feel extra special, new sorority letters for your next big event, or that delicious looking pastry at your local bakery?! All those are good splurges and we cast no judgement here at JennaBenna & Co! In fact, here are some of our favorite little things to splurge on!


One of our favorite body products to splurge on is the Bliss Naked Body Butter.

It is the perfect lotion, not greasy, not light, just perfect. The best part is that it is fragrance-free so you don’t have some over powering fruity smell that might end up drying your skin out! It also comes in two sizes, so if the 45 oz pump is too much, you can scale it down and try the 6.7oz. Go ahead try it, you will thank us later!


Of course, splurging on our newest favorite set of sorority letters is a must!


Every time we get a new fabric, someone in the office says…. “That’s my NEW favorite!”. With over 1500+ fabrics, it is so hard to just settle on one design that we love. Thats why we created the sorority letter perfect combinations to help you pick our your next favorite set of letters in one simple step… just pick you letters & we will custom make it just for you!! To entice your splurging habits, all of our Perfect Combos are 15% OFF with coupon code: “LIVEALITTLE” for the next 24-hours only! Go ahead… Live a Little! 


Our final splurge we will indulge you with is literally THE best cookies you will ever eat in your life from Gideon’s Bakehouse in Orlando, Florida (& Disney Springs now!!!!).

So saying these cookies are incredible is an understatement. If their charming story about how they got started and Harry Potter movie set feel interior aren’t enough to draw you in, their smell of indulging cookies sure will. The cookies are 1/2 pound, each… yes, you heard us right. The are only in the Orlando area, but if you are visiting Disney Springs, they JUST opened up a shop there and it is NOT to be missed!

Whatever it is that you like to splurge on, this is the day for it! National Splurge Day is about celebrating you and doing something you may not usually take the time or money to do. Thanks for following along, and until next time… Live A Little this week!


JennaBenna & Co


The absolutely adorable splurge worthy feature photo is courtesy of Instagram Account: @selen.hana who is a member of @ua_pibetaphi.

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