National Sibling Day!

Today, April 10th, is the day to honor your siblings! Considering we are SO lucky have an entire Sorority full of sisters, this holiday is extra special! Here are some ways you can celebrate your siblings!

Leave them a special note or send a card. One of the most over looked traditions these days is taking the time to write a handwritten note. You don’t have to write a novel, but it’s the thought that counts at the end of the day that you took the time to tell your sister how special they are!

Go to the movies. Who doesn’t love watching a great romantic comedy… especially when its with your sisters! You could even plan a movie date night in at the Sorority house, and pop a bunch of popcorn and snuggle with your favorite siblings!

Plan a dinner date. Sometimes enjoying a meal together while laughing and pigging out on your favorite food is the best way to bond! Even something as simple as meeting in the cafeteria with your sisters is a great way to celebrate the day. Let not forget, your sisters won’t judge when you go back for seconds on the ice cream, so its a win-win situation!

Go shopping together. One of the most fun things to do with your sisters is heading out to the mall and shop for your outfit for your next upcoming mixer or social! They will be the first to tell you when something looks silly and when you look amazing!

Give lots of hugs. If you are lucky enough to have you sisters near you, be sure to give them all lots of hugs today and let them know how appreciated they are! At the end of the day it is the bond you share with you blood siblings and those you are blessed enough to call a sister.

Enjoy your #NationalSiblingDay!


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