Easy Ways to Better Yourself!

Sometimes improving yourself can be hard, and it can be easy to just push it off and not worry about, even though you should. Here are some tips to help you get to the better version of yourself!

  1. Start the day with some reflection and meditation! If meditation isn’t something you’re really into, something I like doing is writing about my dreams when I wake up. It gets my day off to an imaginative and creative and thoughtful start and helps me be relaxed! Mornings are easy to be lazy and lay in bed and check your phone, but keep the phone away. Don’t immediately get stressed thinking about everything that needs to be done!
  2. That brings me to my second point, which is TO-DO LISTS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS!!! I LOVE making lists. They keep me on track, I don’t forget anything, and best of all, I get an amazing feeling of accomplishment whenever I get everything crossed off! It’s a good way to see your productiveness and progress throughout the day.
  3. Drink lots of water and try your best to eat clean. It doesn’t mean always eating salad. Switching out that regular Starbucks drink for water will save you money and make you feel more focused and awake. Maybe instead of going out to Applebees for margs, you stay in and make yourself some spaghetti and have some green tea! Small things can lead to BIG changes. Just cutting soda out of my diet, I lost nearly five pounds!
  4. Set time aside for yourself every night. For me, I like to shower, get comfortable in my big fluffy robe in bed with a warm cup of green tea, light some candles, watch an episode of Once Upon A Time on Netflix or read a good book! It’s good not to look at screens about an hour before bed, however, to give your mind time to relax and be easy on your eyes.
  5. Another good way to make time for yourself, is spending time outdoors! I have a puppy who loves going for walks and being outside, so throwing a ball for a while or taking her for a small walk can really help you feel calm and give you time to organize your thoughts.
  6. Clean! Cleaning helps a lot of people feel relaxed. Your environment can stress you out just as much as anything else and make it hard to get anything done. When you wake up, make your bed and keep your desk clear, and you will be surprised how much you get done!



Blog post written by brand ambassador Kasie Ryan


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