8 Things Only Out of State Students Get

Being an out of state student can be hard. Here are 8 things that only we out of state college kids get!

  1. Having to learn a whole new culture. If you’re like me, I moved to a completely new place that was totally different from where I grew up. Out of state students have to learn all new slang, while also keeping up with slang your home friends are using. People do different things and you have to keep up with both worlds.
  1. Having to explain your new friends to your home friends. When you come home and hang out with your old friends, they’ll definitely wanna hear about all the new things you’re up to. But just like you have to learn the culture, you’ll be explaining everything to them. Most of the funny stories are only funny because of some weird colloquial thing that isn’t familiar to them, so every story becomes that much longer just because you have to explain everything.
  1. Seeing everyone hang out over break. Watching all your school friends on social media hanging out over breaks gives most out of state students a little bit of FOMO just because we’re physically too far away to get in on the fun. We know it’s gonna happen but it still is kind of lonely to watch all the fun happening without you.
  1. Being a tour guide when your school friends come to visit. You get to show your school friends a whole new place when they come to visit you. You can show them where you used to party in high school and they can meet all your old friends. It’s the best of both worlds because those worlds just turned into one.
  1. Talking constantly about home. Suddenly everything reminds you of home. Sometimes it’s a nostalgia kind of thing, but most of the time it reminds you of how things are different, and then you tell people how things are different and now you’ve told your millionth story about home. You end up sounding kind of like a broken record, but an endearing broken record.
  1. Having to buy a whole new wardrobe. If you change climates, you have to restock your closet with appropriate clothes. It’s a weird thing to suddenly need three different types of jackets, but you’ll never go back to your standard sweater.
  1. Having a ton a new places to visit when you can’t make it home. The perks of going out of state is that you always have a few good friends who are willing to let you stay with them if you can’t make it home for different short breaks. You get to explore these different places and learn even more about your new friends.
  1. Missing home even though you desperately wanted to get out. It’s the weirdest thing, you couldn’t wait to leave home and go to a completely new place. It’s all exciting and new and then you get this weird feeling. You start to miss home and you really start to appreciate just what you had back home. But now you get to call two places home and that’s the most amazing part.



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