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Best Pizza Places in Orlando

I love pizza. I can eat whole pizzas with no shame, I can eat it every day, I LOVE IT! So, I wanted to tell you all the BEST places to get pizza in Orlando. Normally, I would rank these, because duh, but, I love pizza and can’t rank the love of MY LIFE!

  • Brick and Fire: They have really great pizza, and it is a great environment. They also have drinks (if you’re 21) and wings, so, a real winner.
  • Tomasino’s Pizza: Really great pizza, and really great cheesecake! There is also more than one location!
  • The Pie College Park: This place does slices, as well as pies, so if you only want a little bit, this the a great place. Also, they do UberEats if that’s something you’re into!
  • Lazy Moon Pizza: This slices are HUGE! But also so delicious, and they do have drinks there, for our legal drinking age readers.
  • Pizza Bruno: Another UberEats place, with great food, not just pizza. They have variety, which I enjoy.

I hope that this helps bring you to your pizza loves! Also, here’s a cute picture of my cat eating pizza.




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