5 Reality Shows That Make Me a Better Person

I am OBSESSED with reality TV!  I am an addict who doesn’t want to get clean and will watch those “trash” TV shows until the day I die. It is not just mindless drama, it is full of life lessons that I take with me long after those 45 minutes are over. Here are five shows that have taught me everything I need to know about life.

  • Extreme Couponing: Ok, I don’t have the time or work ethic to save $2,000 on groceries, but it really makes me think about how much money I waste without giving it a second thought. I now think twice about what I buy and try not to get anymore than I need. Plus, I find myself cutting some coupons and saving a couple quarters. Not very extreme but hey, I need those quarters for laundry.
  • Real Housewives: Sometimes, the best lessons aren’t what you should do, but learning by non-examples. There has been no greater non-example of conflict resolution than the real housewives. After watching this show, if someone upsets me, I will be the first to let them know in a calm and non-accusatory way. I can say with confidence, that since watching this show, I rarely talk about people behind their back and have a direct line of communication with those around me.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race: I have never felt more empowered watching a show in my life! After watching this show my hips are swinging, and I strut everywhere. This show taught me that I am a magnificent queen and all my curves and edges are just part of this perfect specimen who can work it like no other! In addition to my heightened confidence, my contouring has become flawless.
  • The Bachelor: Not only has this show bonded my entire sorority, but it also made me realize how much I deserve in a relationship. I know I will never have a company pay for me to go on hot air balloon rides or casual trips to Iceland, but I deserve to be treated as the most special woman on earth. Even if it is just Chinese food and a movie, I’d take a less extravagant date with someone who treats me how I deserve to be treated.
  • Jersey Shore: Anyone who has lived in a sorority house or any house with a group of friends knows how hard it is to keep your composure 24/7. This show taught me how to be a good roommate. Despite the fighting, screaming, and arrests, the Jersey Shore crew were with each other until the very end. If someone hurt their friend, the whole group would stand behind them. After watching this show, I am starting a mandatory Sunday dinner policy in my house!

For those of you afraid of the new year, take comfort in the fact that we have a new reality show this year that I know I will be learning a lot from…. Let’s ring in the new year with excitement for “Love After Lockup,” a new reality show about falling in love with a convict. Will their love last once the bars are gone? I am so excited to find out!



Blog post written by brand ambassador Sarah St. Pierre

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