So, You Wanna be an Officer…

As sisters in an organization, one of the first ways we think of giving back to the organization is through service as an officer.  We admire the sisters who have served as the officers of our chapter and given so much to make us feel welcome and serve our philanthropy.  But I do I know if running for office is right for me?  Before signing up for elections, consider the following carefully to make the best decision for you:

  1. Are you goal oriented? Do you carry a planner?  Are you a list maker? Can you create a plan and stick to a timeline to complete tasks? Strong sorority leaders are just that, strong goal makers who accomplish the tasks to complete goals.  Be prepared to fall in love with your planner!
  2. Will you be a good representative of the organization? Do you represent the kind of person that your chapter would be proud as a spokesperson for the organization?  How are your grades?   How is your involvement in campus life? Do you make friends easily?  Can you work with difficult people and still maintain respect and kindness?  Are you rolling out of bed in the morning to go to class or are you rising early to prepare yourself for a day of success?  Be prepared to get noticed, and to become a representative for your chapter.
  3. Do you know how to be in charge, but not bossy? Tasks have to be completed but that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself.  A good officer can encourage others to participate in the work of the organization for the common good.  Are you good at delegating tasks and inspiring others to complete those tasks?  Be prepared to develop working relationships with others.
  4. Do you have the time to give your best to a leadership position? Sometimes our desire to help others overrides out common sense to recognize our limitations.  If you are carrying a heavy class load, participating in a sport and some extracurricular activities in addition to working a part-time job, consider the time you may have to commit to the position should you be selected for it.  Be prepared to give your free time to the position.
  5. Can you leave the office better than you found it? What ideas will you bring to the position that will service the needs of the organization?  How will you make what you do build on the ideas or improve the work of your predecessor?  Have you thought about the work to be accomplished while you are in the office?  Are you ready to lead?  Be prepared to be a part of the growth of the position and pass on good work to those who will follow you.

Good luck and I hope you become the best officer that you can be for your organization.


Blog post written by brand ambassador Valan Tune.

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