A Take on Greek Life Bans

There’s a crisis going through Greek life across the country.  Campuses everywhere are trying to reform the way Greeks act and treat each other, especially with their pledges.  Obviously, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for every campus, or even Greek council.  But there is still a need for each organization to reflect on their practices and see where they can improve.  No one is perfect, and everyone has flaws that they can work on to make Greek life better.

Sororities and fraternities are supposed to be a place of solace; a place where someone can feel like they fit in and have a place to call home on our campuses.  Whether they resonate with the values the organization holds, their philanthropic efforts, or the people in general, there’s a reason everyone chooses their respective organizations.  Twisting that into an excuse to make them do harmful, unnecessary acts is cruel and wrong.

The process is supposed to be an educational period, where they learn about everything about the organization they are joining: the values, the philanthropies, facts about the org, etc.  It should be a period where they are learning and growing into the types of people that best represent who and what the organization stands for.  It is a time period to mold them into better versions of themselves.  It is not a time to push them to the edge, and humiliate them for the fun of it.

People have lost sight of the reason that sororities and fraternities exist.  They are here to uplift and encourage their members, not make them feel inferior. I hope we can get back to the positive community that we started as.

(Blog Post contributed by Ashlyn Klosterman)

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