How to Find the Perfect JennaBenna Letters!

We can all admit – choosing your perfect letters on JennaBenna can be a bit overwhelming. We all thought that the hard part was over when we joined our dream sororities and got it’s letters. Little did we know that it would be just as difficult trying to decide how to wear them. With seemingly endless choices of colors, styles, patterns and twills, it can be hard to not want to purchase everything. Unfortunately, we all only have so much room in our bank accounts, and closets; and while letters are perfect for almost every occasion, I doubt that anyone would approve of you showing up to formal in a sweatshirt.

So how do you find your perfect letters? Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned after years of ordering from Jenna Benna.

  1. Always ask yourself “would I actually wear this?”

… and I don’t just mean for one cute Instagram photo. Say, for example, you want to order a hot pink sweater, with glitter galore. Sure, its very “typical” sorority, but how often do you actual rock that vibe. While having a lot of over-the-top pieces might seem fun in theory, unless its something you do on the regular, don’t start now.

One of my favorite sweaters to wear from JennaBenna is black, with black glitter lettering and black twill. While very understated, the glitter gives it is a fun pop. Considering I already have a lot of black in my wardrobe, it fits in with things that I already own; and thus its a lot more wearable.

  1. Check out the Jenna Benna Instagram Page

The first time I ordered from JennaBenna (almost immediately after I got my bid from my sorority), I had no idea what I was looking for. I’m not the most design-savvy person, so I simply chose colors and patterns that I liked, without really thinking about how they actually would look in real life. Since then, I’ve heavily relied to photos posted to JennaBenna’s Instagram page (@jennabennaco) and their “Perfect Combinations” section of their website to help visualize what my items will look like when they arrive at my door. For more letter inspiration, check out my own Instagram @jennabennauwo.

  1. Order with friends

Two heads are better than one… and so are two sweaters! During your next girl’s night in, design your dream sweater with friends, and order more than one. Not only will cute, matching sweaters look adorable in photos and at your next chapter meeting, but your heated argument over whether your letters should be champagne or gold colored is sure to pay off when you get the perfect look.

  1. Create them for an occasion

While its good to have some practical letters, some things in life should be fun. Have a party, holiday or fundraiser coming up? Order letters specifically for the event. Even though you can’t wear Santa letters year round, its hard to deny that you’ll have the best looking Christmas sweater around. If you want to go all out, I would suggest adding embroidery to your creation, to commemorate the special event that you bought it for. C’mon… no one is going to judge you for some fun/wild letters if the sweater says that it was for charity, amiright?

  1. Think about yourself

At the end of the day, choosing your sweater, just like choosing your sorority, is your own decision. It all depends on what you feel comfortable in and what you love. Trust me — these sweaters are super durable, so you’re stuck with it for a while (not that that is a bad thing!).

(This blog post was written by brand ambassador Amanda Henderson Jones)

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