National Day of Giving

With Thanksgiving having just passed, this is a great time to reflect on what you can to help others. For National Day of Giving, I am giving you all some ideas as to what you can do, and telling you things I do.

Giving can be as literal as giving a gift, or doing an act of kindness. For college students, finals are coming up, so I like to pay for someone else’s coffee, or order cookies for friends that I know are extra stressed. I like to hold doors and hand out smiles that I usually keep to myself. I like to help out my neighbors with things that they need, and I like to give my family members a call if I haven’t talked to them in a while.

You don’t have to give a literal object. Be kind, be thankful, and be helpful. That’s all it really takes.



Blog contributed by Lillian Homan. 

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