Black Friday Sneak Peek!!

It’s November, and while I am playing Christmas music and planning the Thanksgiving dinner I am hosting, I am also looking forward to the AMAZING Black Friday deals! We here at JennaBenna have a LOT of things that are going to be on sale. Today I am going to show you a couple of our items that will be on sale, and some fabrics that I love with them!

Comfort Colors in Lagoon. This shirt is a fun blue color that goes with anything, but I REALLY love it with our Spiked Coral fabric and White twill. The color of the shirt matched the light blue in the fabric PERFECTLY. Plus, who doesn’t love Comfort Colors?


Next Level Washed Out. These shirts are a favorite of mine, because they look worn and comfortable, and they are just as soft as they look. They are also a muted version of your favorite colors, which is great for softer days. These shirts looks stunning with our Lake Tahoe fabric and White twill. It’s fun, and if gives your look a “hippie” vibe (one that I love).


For the final sneak peek, I have a Next Level Aqua shirt, that is truly a quality shirt. It looks so good with our Watermelon Tie Dye fabric and White twill. It is fun, and unique, like all of our shirts and fabrics!


You might be thinking, “Are only blue shirts going to be on sale?” No. We have a large variety of colors, I just really love blue. Don’t forget to shop our Black Friday sales in a couple weeks!



Blog contributed by Lillian Homan. 

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