National Stop Bullying Day

Over 30,000 kids stay home each day because of bullying. Bullying is very real, and very prevalent in today’s society. This is something that we need to help stop. As older people in the lives of kids, we need to set good examples. We need to show them the power of positivity. We need to show them how important love and kindness are. We need to be examples. We need to lead. We also need to teach kids how to report bullying. There are multiple websites that you can go to, to learn more about how to handle bullying. There are ways to report bullying, and tips on how to handle it. But at the end of the day, we need to teach kids that it isn’t a big to tell someone that someone else is bullying. We need to let them know that talking about issues is okay, that getting help is okay. But more importantly, we need to teach kids that bullying, that being mean, that making others feel bad, that hurting people in any way, is never, ever okay.

If you, or someone you know, needs help with bullying, please visit these websites:



Blog contributed by Lillian Homan. 

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