How to Rock a Sassy Pony

I LOVE a good sassy ponytail. I used to have hair down to my butt, and now it barely touches my shoulders. No matter the length of my hair, I always rock a sassy pony. It is my go to hairstyle, because I know it looks good on me. But, because I regularly have this hairstyle (yes, regularly, like 3 times a week MINIMUM!!!!!) it really bothers me when other people don’t properly style their sassy pony. I’ve been doing this look for multiple days a week, for about five years. That is 780 sassy ponytails! Minimum! So yes. I am qualified for this tutorial.

  1. Get that baby on the top of your head. If you were to put a princess crown on your head, it needs to be within that area. See where the crown is on Anne’s head? Your pony needs to be in the middle of that.


  1. TEASE IT!!! Oh Mylanta, I hate when I see an un-teased sassy pony. Grab a comb, and brush down towards your scalp. Get some volume, give that pony life. I also use this stuff called surf paste to help keep the volume. It is this thick paste for hair, that smells amazing, and it gives it a hold that keeps the tease. Hair spray works too.
  2. Loosen up the hair that isn’t in the pony, aka the hair touching your scalp. Make it look piece-y, and not like it’s been greased to your skull. I like to pull up strands every quarter inch (no, I don’t measure, but the width of my pinky is about a quarter inch, so it’s fine) to give it a looser, less done look. It looks more casual. You can also just loosen up the hair on your scalp, then pull the hair in your ponytail. This creates a similar look.
  3. This step is a take it or leave it step. For me, this step just depends on the day. But, I often pull a little bit of hair out of the pony and have it hand loose in front of my ears. If I’m going for a tougher look, I keep it back. If I’m going for a more laid-back look, I pull it forward. Really it is just all personal preference,
  4. Finally, just rock it. I don’t care what you’re pony looks like (kind of), as long as you like it, and you feel confident. That is what matters most.



Blog contributed by Lillian Homan. 

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