Best Tacos in Orlando

Happy national taco day! We are SO excited! We love tacos! Okay, calming down. Anyways, like I said, LOVE tacos. So much so, that I made a list of the top five places to get tacos here in Orlando. You’re welcome. (P.S. – yes, I know these are all on the first page of Yelp. Sorry, but they are just that good.)

  1. Gringos Locos – Were a little partial to this one for many reasons but, first, they’re open until 3 in the morning. Second, they have fantastic deals. And third, they are AMAZING!
  1. Reyes Mezcaleria – This place is a little newer, but gosh dang it are they good. Also, great options.
  1. Taqueria Ameca – The tacos are only $1.50. I rest my case.
  1. Bartaco – This place is cute, and duh, delicious.
  1. Black Rooster Taqueria  – Can you say YUM?! Okay I say that when I eat almost anything. But these are so good, and they really care about giving quality food.

I would love to give you more places to get tacos. I really would. There are so many. But, I have to go. Because this made me so hungry. Enjoy taco day, friends!



Blog contributed by Lillian Homan. 

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