Your Sorority Can Be Your Safe Haven

As a double major in Criminal Justice and American government with a double minor in Pre-Law and Political Philosophy, I don’t always get to go out and have fun like a typical college student. My sisters of Epsilon Sigma Alpha have taught me that my course load cannot dictate my life nor will they allow it. Whether it’s lunch dates/coffee dates or simply a funny snapchat, they have made the sorority become my haven. The meetings are my favorite part of the week because for at least an hour I don’t think about homework or debate practice or any clubs I’m involved in at school. Your sisters are not just your family but your island away from the terrors of college.

College is great, but it is stressful, you have to finally adult without any help from your parents. When you don’t have any support and stress overwhelms you, you need your friends you make, and if you’re in a sorority, you need your sisters. Many times, I had texted one of my sisters when life had become too stressful, and I was on the brink of a mental breakdown. Every time one of my sisters answered before any of my non-Greeks friends did, and each one of my sisters has been my biggest supporter. Without my sisters, I don’t think I would have ever been able to have a haven because this group has girls that have saved me from the stress of school and personal issues. My sorority sisters became my haven the day I pledged to join the wonderful group. Thanks, girlies you are the greatest!

To any potential sorority sister or current or graduated, you always have a home and a safe place within your sorority. No matter what happens in life, they will always be there for you when you need them. They will always be the Yang to your Grey, the Monica to your Rach, the Dobby to your Harry. So, don’t be afraid to let them be that; take it from one sorority girl to another they are your haven and they will always be as long as you are a sister. And as a stress case of a college student, this is the best advice that I could ever give.

(Blog post by Brand Ambassador Adrianna Hodges)

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