Kela’s Kombinations!

Hi friends! We are starting a fun new weekly blog called Kela’s Kombinations! Kela is one of our amazing designers and sewers, and she is just the coolest. Kela has some awesome fabric combinations she wants to share with you all, and I will be helping her get the word out! She is going to be sharing her favorite combinations with me, new fabrics, and other fun JennaBenna fashion updates!

This week, we have a very cute combination (duh)! This combination is made up of the Batik Tropical Water fabric over Navy Twill on a classic fit short sleeve tee in Jade Dome. This combo is so cute, and so fun! The fabrics are, of course, so soft, and made with care and quality.



The unique thing about the Batik fabric is that these beautiful and one of a kind fabrics are made using a method of dyeing fabric where some areas are covered with wax or pastes made of glues or starches to make designs by keeping dyes from penetrating in pattern areas. The multicolored and blended effects are obtained by repeating the dyeing process several times, with the initial pattern of wax boiled off and another design applied before dyeing again in a new color.

Shop the look here!



Blog contributed by Lillian Homan. 

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