How to Wake Up Without Coffee

I hate coffee. Seriously, I think I have had coffee like four times in my life. Once, my friend bought me a coffee and I didn’t want to be rude. And the other I had this awesome creamer, but only had half of a little bottle, and it is also now discontinued. So, yeah. Not a fan of coffee. But, I am a huge fan of sleep. A five-minute nap? Sold. I sleep until noon on the weekends, and then take naps before doing things in the evening. Because of my love for sleep, and hatred of coffee, I have had to figure out ways to keep me up, and going, when all I really want to do is crawl into my memory foam queen sized bed and sleep until noon the next day. Here are my tips on how to stay alert without that bitter coffee.

  1. Go for a run in the morning. You may be saying, “LOL NO” and I did too, before I started running in the mornings. First of all, I sleep deeper on days that I run, so I get better sleep, and the next day I am more alert. Second of all, it gets you up and moving. I have to move a lot to get me to wake up. I will literally walk around my room while brushing my teeth in the morning, just because I need to wake up. Plus, that shower after is like getting slapped in the face. The water wakes you right up.
  2. Drink a lot of ice water. I’m not kidding. When I need a kick, I chug ice water. It gives me an alertness that I need, and it is also great for your skin.
  3. Eat an apple. They have a lot of natural sugar, and it can be really energizing. It also keeps the doctor away.
  4. Listen to some fun music. I make sure I can sing along to the songs that are playing on my radio when I’m headed to work. It gets me pumped up and ready for the day.

Try all of these, or only one or two. But if you hate coffee like I do, one of these is bound to help. Also, you don’t have to hate coffee to try these. If you’re trying to lower your coffee intake, these can defiantly help. Also, maybe try taking routes that don’t have coffee shops on them.



Blog contributed by Lillian Homan. 

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