Introducing Emily Kneipher!

We are finally starting off our 2017-2018 Brand Ambassador Program! Through this program we will have college students at a variety of college campuses represent JennaBenna! We are so excited to get this program going again, and to introduce our new ambassadors!

Today we are introducing the awesome Emily Kneipher! Emily is a senior at Montclair State University, where she is majoring in Business Administration and is part of Sigma Delta Tau. She wanted to be a Brand Ambassador because she loves social media and marketing, and she felt the program was a great way to get more experience! She also loves Greek Life and wants to spread the word of JennaBenna because we are her favorite Greek apparel company. Emily’s favorite JennaBenna product is a v-neck with fun letters on the front!

emily k.png

Some fun facts about Emily are that she wants to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but also to be the social media coordinator for a big company. Her favorite color is red, and she loves to hike and camp, and she works at an acai bowl shop by the beach!

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