True Sisterhood

We are LOVING this video from ClemsonLIFE! Recently, the Clemson Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Sigma Kappa chapters welcomed women into their chapter that are typically forgotten when it comes to the recruitment process. These chapters show that love and inclusion are important, and we hope others follow the lead these young ladies have started.

What these women are doing is breaking barriers, and it welcomes a whole new demographic into the Greek Life community, one that will be, and should be, welcomed with open arms. We believe that true sisterhood is about inclusion and acceptance, regardless of who you are, how you look, your history or your background. Greek Life is about loving your brothers or sisters wholeheartedly. These women are doing amazing, and we are so proud of them and the steps they are taking.

The ClemsonLIFE program is a program for individuals with intellectual disabilities that want to further their education through college. Their mission, as stated on their website (which you can access here), “is to provide a coordinated course of study that includes career exploration and preparation along with self-awareness, discovery, and personal improvement through a framework of courses, job internships, and community participation.” This amazing program is helping so many others, something we here at JennaBenna love to see.

We are so happy for these new members, and hope that they are living, and truly loving, their letters.



Blog contributed by Lillian Homan. 

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