Beautiful Batik Perfect Combination

Did you know that JennaBenna has an entire line of Batik Fabrics? Maybe you don’t even know what Batik fabric is!! Batik fabrics are beautiful and if that isn’t enough, they are handmade with an age old process that makes your fabric letters a true piece of art.

Batik is an Indonesian fabric that utilizes a technique of wax-resist dyeing. Essentially, wax is hand applied to the fabric using brushes, stamps and other methods and then dyed in bright pigments. The areas with wax resist the dyes and then after it is complete, the fabric is boiled to remove the wax. Fabrics are all different and each is a unique treasure.

This combination is a perfect example of a beautiful batik fabric combined with the pefect colors and textures. This Bella Thin Fitted V Neck in Ocean Blue is the backdrop for the Batik Tiger Fish Ocean fabric on a crisp and clean white twill.

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PC_6005O_BTFO-W__48750.1494246332.1280.1280 (1)

Bella Thin Fitted V Neck Tee (6005) Ocean Blue, Batik Tiger Fish Ocean + White Twill

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