Your house is about to get bigger!

You are in the middle of summer and enjoying your time at the beach and pool. You are sleeping in and staying up late knowing that when the school year starts back up you will be getting back into your regular “sorority routine”. Remember, though, how you felt during that summer before your Freshman year? Remember all the anticipation about what was coming and the excitement you felt knowing that when you got on campus, you would go through recruitment?

Do you remember how your thoughts were consumed with finding the perfect bedding set for your dorm and the anticipation of meeting your roommate? I do and trust me, it was a LONG time ago! I remember knowing that I would definitely be a part of a sorority and did some research, before school started, on the sororities that would be on my campus.

The first week or so on campus, I watched with very open eyes and soaked everything in that I could paying special attention to the girls in the sororities that I was interested in joining. You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the first few moments you meet them so remember this when you get back on campus!

We all have just one chance to make a first impression and when it comes to representing our sorority, this first impression is SO important! For all you know, that one confused looking girl you bump into that first day of class might be your future sister and roommate! She might be your very best friend and your maid of honor when you get married.

Yes, your house is about to get bigger, your tables will have more conversations and your sisterhood will get richer and richer with the addition of new sisters. What an exciting time in both their lives and yours. Good luck with recruitment and keep on enjoying your summer!

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